Our Testimonials

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Manufacturing Executive

“I knew I wanted to expand my business but I wasn’t sure where to start. One phone call with Steven and we had a formal plan laid out.  Thanks to Steve, within 2 weeks we were talking with potential companies to acquire.”

- Sam

Food Distribution Executive

“I’ve been getting emails and calls from investors for years, but there was just something different about the way you spoke. I heard your honesty through the phone and felt comfortable moving forward.”

- David

Staffing Executive

“Steven made us feel heard and understood. He connected us with the right buyers that were interested in moving quickly so that our privacy was respected and our time was never wasted.”

- Cindy

Service Industry Executive

“We used Steven of Zpen Ventures to help us expand our business. He was great at connecting us with private companies to acquire so we could quickly build up our brand.”

- Tom

Distribution Industry Executive

“I run a hardware distribution company and I wanted to expand our company’s umbrella. Zpen Ventures helped us identify off-market opportunities for acquisition and created a smooth transition for all parties involved.”

- Tony